Redefining the Fuller Cup

During the month of December, I created a survey evaluating pain points and dream wishes/wants for fuller bust needs. Participants came from fuller bust forums on Reddit, responded to my Medium article, and were referred by friends. Countries far and wide such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Israel, the U.K., Canada, France, Norway, Italy, the U.S., and more were represented. For such a short period of time, it was really a great turn out so thanks to all who took part!

As you can imagine, the needs/wishes/wants spanned across a wide array of apparel categories:


Button-Up, Work Appropriate Clothing

Bra-Conscious Clothing

All varieties of tops

Lingerie (bralettes! Longline, non-wired, wired, etc)

Backless/low back options

Anything with a waist!

There were also very great descriptors and themes that kept appearing:

  • Big opportunity in the "trendy" or "modern" category

  • Lack of delicate lingerie and frustrations with intimates feeling a bit bulky and overdone

  • Need for more eco-friendly, sustainable, and quality options

  • Having access to a handful of aesthetics or styles to choose from

  • Not being seen by the industry at all in terms of your body type

All of this data was gathered and poured over hundreds of times as I soaked up and try to hone in on the best and most relevant items Lorsque could focus in on as a starting point...

What's next?

Lorsque translates as 'When it will be' in French. For myself, there have many items I would dream about WHEN I would be able to wear. Things that feel fresh, modern, effortless, edgy, mysterious, and feminine with bit of whimsy. Though there are so many needs that I feel could be addressed in regards to fuller bust apparel, I very much believe the importance of establishing a strong start in one or two carefully developed items. Which is whyafter careful review, analysis, and personal reflectionI've narrowed down to the lingerie and intimates category.

One might ask that there are a plethora of intimate labels popping up lately—why another?

While this might be true, there is still so much yet to be offered in E-J+ cup size offerings. Being a size range that is often over-looked, there are aesthetics and sustainability offerings that could definitely be pushed and boundaries to be explored. Sleek, Fresh, Effortless, & Delicate are words that continue to swim in my mind as I plunge into research.

I invite you to subscribe (if you haven't already) for updates as Lorsque continues along the development process—progress will be shared along the way and I value your input. Also, please check us out on the socials as we will post more frequent updates and polling there!

Yours truly,

Kirsten Currie

Lorsque Founder